Monday, September 19, 2005

He who dies with the most toys wins?

The administration has been using "enemy" bodycount to determine the US is winning the war in Iraq. Considering evidence of the boy king's willful disregard of both international and US law, unwillingness to consider any opinion that differs from his own, it's highly likely that an administration known for lying in the face of facts that state otherwise would also count loss of innocent civilians lives as enemy dead to boost their numbers and detract from the moral cost of a decidedly unethical & unnecesary invasion. If we use body count, we're in deep trouble as we have the higher tally and it's been growing steadily. To make matters worse, soldiers to fight die in this war are extremely limited resources in the US whereas the insurgency, thanks in part to the Busheviks and other assorted repubevangelicals, has an easily replenishable supply and excellent on-the-job training.

So how & when will we know who is winning the war?

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