Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cap'n Humpalot reporting for duty

The deficit's going to get worse what with the cost of the war in Iraq, the cost of rebuilding Iraq now that we've bombed the shit out of it, the cost of rebuilding the Gulf Coast (necessary, in part, because the Busheviks cut some critical funding), and BushCo's insistence that American tax dollars not be used to pay for these things.

So, what does the shrub think is important enough a task worthy of tax dollar funding? The war on porn depicting and marketed to adults. Apparently, conservative Christians (especially their clergy) have perfected the single-handed prayer and when the conservative Christians are incapable of controlling themselves, they need to enact laws to prevent others from doing what they really want to do. Now that Cap'n Humpalot is back from winning the war on terror, he's ready to sniff out some smut.

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