Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Out of Action: LIA/R caught in it's LIES

It seems as though John Smid has little to smile about these days since, according to Wayne Besen, the TN Dept. of Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities has determined LIA was not operating only a "faith based ministry" as they claimed but has been operating unlicensed supportive care facilities for mentally ill patients.
Former Love In Action client Peterson Toscano said Monday that a house manager for the program told him one of the manager's responsibilities was dispensing drugs that had been prescribed for participants.

"He told me that it was to keep people from misusing the drugs," said Toscano, who is now a writer and performer living in Hartford, Conn.

Under state regulations, facilities that dispense medication to patients require a license. [WSMV]
Continued operations past September 23 would cause the state to file criminal charges that include fines & jail time for each day the facilities operate without appropriate licensure. LIA/R doesn't seem to have issued any press releases or comments on its site (those 2 house manager positions are still up for bids too).

Peterson unveils more breaking of G-d's commandment against lying by the organization including the fact that "Reverend" John Smid isn't ordained.

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