Friday, September 16, 2005

It wouldn't be the first time the folks at LIA/R . . .well, you know

The state of Tennessee went to the LIA/R facilities in Memphis to determine if they had to shut down their facilities or bring themselves into compliance to apply for state licensing of what they'd started calling a "faith-based ministry" ever since the state starting investing them for operating mental health facilities without a license. The state sent a second certified letter (the state never received a receipt for the first letter) informing them they had 7 days to shut down the facilities or come into compliance. The letter was sent 9/8/05 and yesterday marked the deadline.

Upon arrival by the State Dept. of Health yesterday, the folks at LIA/R claimed they had
just received the notification that day and would need the 7 days granted in the letter to determine how they will proceed. After reading the information that EJ posted last night, I'm surprised they were granted the seven day extension. It seems as though, in addition to the possible insurance fraud issue, LIA/R may have been prescribing medications without a license as well.

UPDATE: LIA has 2 house manager positions listed under "new employment opportunity posted"

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