Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Love almost OUT of Action

woo-hoo! I just got around to reading an email EJ Friedman sent and it looks like the state of Tennessee is putting the kibosh on purveyors of dangerous & non-validated "reparative therapy" and its unlicensed providers at LIA/R. According to EJ, the the state dept of health has already sent two letters (the first of which the dept did not receive a return receipt for) to John Smid indicating their displeasure with LIA/R operating unlicensed mental health facilities in the Memphis area. The latest letter, dated 8Sep05, gives Smid, et al 7 days to shut down their facilities or apply for a license. If the facilities are still operating when re-evaluated this Thursday, a cease & desist order will be issued.

Once the organization slithers out of Tennessee, it's likely they will crop up in another state with looser laws and/or claiming once again they are providing pastoral counseling as part of their ministry. The potential damage LIA/R "ministries" & no mo "spiritual" retreats can do is something even a leading proponent of sexual re-orientation has cautioned against.

Have I mentioned that, in addition to operating without a license, former LIA/R administrator Tommy Corman has also admitted the organization has
committed insurance fraud?

More info @ QAC

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