Friday, September 09, 2005

#1 with a bullet hanky

The protest song is makin' a comeback, this time in the form of a remix of Kanye's apt observation of George Bush Caesar Nero Bushus Minimus at the NBC's Concert for Hurricane Relief. The remix is produced by Kanye himself featuring words by Big Mon & Damien aka Dem Knock-out Boyz (and if I weren't some boring, old white chick, I might have a clue who those guys are). It's not only well done but it makes a very important statement and will, hopefully, get people to stand up so they are no longer a de facto VOP (Victim of Policy).

Neither the Red nor White Queens are bound to like it but Snoop Dudd gives it 2 paws up (and a big-ass howl for Hands Up by Myone w/Kay)

Hat tip to Coeruleus at ASZ

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