Friday, September 23, 2005

Christian school trips student in her walk with Christ

Pam has a story about 14-year old Shay Clark, who was expelled from Ontario Christian High School when school administrators learned her parents were lesbians.

The school welcomes Christian/Catholic parents to partner with the school to teach the children the right and moral way to lead their lives
Our philosophy of equipping the mind and encouraging the spirit of students allows each child to develop to his/her potential while encouraging them to "be filled to the measure of the fullness of God."

Ontario Christian School believes in a three-fold "partnership" that includes church, home and school. We believe that by working together our children will reach their full academic and spiritual potential and develop the foundation of a meaningful and successful life. To that effect, we require that families enrolled at O.C. are Christian or Catholic, attending a church regularly. We also encourage parents, grandparents, and extended family to be supportive of the education process and its needs.

While I understand that Christians find homosexuality to be immoral and abhorrent, Shay Clark was not expelled for engaging in those activities. Clark was ordered removed from the school because of her parents' "sinful" relationship, punishing the child for the sins of her parents.

By expelling Clark, the school sends a message that children are unworthy of salvation through Jesus Christ if they do not have at least one parent considered to be a good, moral Christian vis-à-vis fundamentalist doctrine. The school's policy dictates that those children considered most at risk for the religious and moral deficits (ones the school could potentially help rectify) should be rejected by Christians as unworthy, instead of embraced by Christ's love and taught "the way to go."

In rejecting Shay Clark and students like her, Ontario Christian High School failed its very
to equip students to view themselves as transformers of society, using their unique personalities and talents to joyfully serve Christ and others in this world.

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