Saturday, September 10, 2005

I was wrong, it is like Summer camp - only with Champagne

As it turns out, Tom DeLay wasn't completely wrong about the post-hurricane living/dining arrangements being fun - he just asked the wrong people about it
Earlier in the week, the men feasted on Cornish hens and jumbo shrimp. Now they had exhausted their supply of meat and seafood, but there was a bit of good news: There was plenty of champagne in the ice chest.

"It's like luxury camping," said Crouch, 42, founder of an architectural restoration company. His own multimillion-dollar home was nearby, but he set up operations in this even fancier mansion because it still had running water and functioning phones. [WaPo]

While some people go on about the utter stupidity and craziness of the New Orleans hold-outs (in some, if not many cases, the "craziness" is delirium secondary to medical causes), these guys held-out because their luxurious multi-million homes & expensive trinkets (which escaped Katrina relatively unscathed) needed armed protection and they could protect them in style. While the newly homeless scrounge for food and water in the darkened streets, the watchmen sup on gourmet fare by the light of chandeliers powered by a brand-spanking new generator.

Now don't get them wrong, they've gone out on some seek and rescue missions since the storm broke. They've even managed to save a Harley and a silver Mercedes Benz S-500 - but not before evil looters pried the gas cap open on the Benz (probably for some nefarious reason like siphoning gas for their own vehicle so they could evacuate the city). Yes, things are what matter most in the nice part of town.

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