Monday, September 05, 2005

Missing Monday: an awfully bad turn of events

Since the last Missing Monday, the families of those who spurred the out-cry that led to its inception have learned the sad truth that their loved ones were killed by men they trusted. In the past month, some Amber alerts have been called and then canceled with good outcomes (no thanks to Fox News).

Locally, 15-year old Latoya Byrd (see sidebar) is still missing, as is 27-year mother of 3, Ta-neke Daniels - I'm waiting for an update from Philly PD on Khalif Thorpe (but believe he may have been located).

22-year old Shaista Bano was last observed via surveillance cameras leaving a building on the campus of Atlantic County Community College in Atlantic City, NJ around noon 8/15/05. Shaista is 5"1", weighs approximately 115 pounds, has black hair & eyes, and a mole on her right cheek.

17-year old Daniel Bruynell IV was last seen at his Salem County, NJ residence 8/29/05 but had previously run-away only to be found in nearby Philadelphia. He's 5'11", 165 lbs and I have a sneaking suspicion that there's a typo in the linked case summary and that it's his hair that may be orange and not his eyes. It's a holiday week-end with a lot going on in the city, if you go down town it's possible you may come across him.

In New York, 15-year old honor student Shenier Denton disappeared from her Queens neighborhood some time after 2 pm on August 23rd. She's 5'4" & weighs 150 pounds.

But, of course, a lot of us have minds on those in the Gulf Coast. I have a list of links to search people out labeled Katrina Lost & Found in my sidebar, but also shamelessy ripped off the following list from Dee Price @ Brennie's Friend
If anyone in New Orleans happens to know Janee Butler or her family (her parents used to live in West Chester, PA) and know her status, please let me know. She has a couple of former co-workers who are worried about her and are praying she's OK.

UPDATE: Mr Pax is compiling a list of MM posts at Philly Future.

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