Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill meet Martha

Wow, the feds actually issued a subpoena to HCA related to an investigation of Bill Frist's order to unload HCA stock holdings. On June 13th, Frist called to unload all HCA holdings for himself (HCA made up 89% of his holdings), his wife and their children. The stock peaked at $58.40/share on June 22, then started to slide. Stock price took a tumble (from which it has yet to recover) after the July 13th announcement that quarterly earnings were below expectation. Frist claims the sudden move was an effort to avoid conflict of interest, but he'd been criticized over the years for refusing to sell due to that same conflict of interest and plans to end his Senate career next year.

The magic 8 ball predicts his anti-abortion rhetoric will increase substantially now that he's no longer profitting from abortions performed at his family's hospitals and his urgent need to get the repubevangelicals to forget his flip-flop on stem-cell research. It will be very interesting which new position Bill gets with the federal government.

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