Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Even O'Reilly says Americans can't depend on the US government

I needed something mindless to distract myself from the barrage of news that keeps my head spinning so I decided to check out some Liz Smith Gossip only to find this little tidbit
FOX NEWS emperor Bill O'Reilly tells us in Katrina's wake that if we — Americans — depend on the United States government for any reason, we are certain to be disappointed. Always. The government of the United States cannot help you. Bill's advice to America (to the poor of New Orleans, especially) is educate yourself and get a well-paying job. Only then can you avoid standing on a "metaphorical rooftop" when the next disaster rolls around. Bill did not give the poor any advice on how one finds a proper education or a job. Remember, the government can't help.

Oh, Newt Gingrich told Bill — in the nicest possible way, because they are friends — that his government theory was, well . . . "un-American."

It's not quite as compelling a piece of celebrity news as John Howard had to offer this morning, but it's less likely to cause nightmares.

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