Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ann Coulter: no fan of BJs or island resorts

Ann Coulter, appearing on the RCC (Republican cheerleading channel), complained that poor Tom DeLay was indicted for a minor infraction of the law which, in the scheme of things, is nothing compared to the fact Monica Lewinsky gave Bill Clinton a blow-job on a religious holiday (if it weren't for the whole adultery thing, I'd call that a mitzvah)
The stench of corruption means Republicans are in power. They had a president getting oral sex from an intern on Easter Sunday in the Oval Office, and what they have on DeLay is which account a campaign contribution went into.


This is no different from the prosecutor going after Rush Limbaugh and every ruling that comes out goes against the prosecutor. This is just going -- they want it to be against the law to be a Republican, and they would like us in Guantánamo. [Media Matters]
Near as I can tell, all she's doing is complaining that law-breaking is OK when done by Republicans and that society would have no problem with it if those damned liberals (who, conversely, must abide by biblically ascribed mores as well the law) would stop making such a big stink about corruption being a bad thing. I'm not sure why portrays sending people like her to Gitmo as a bad thing: according to the Republicans, Gitmo is a veritable resort.

The Republican posturing regarding the indictment sounds like little kids trying to get out of trouble with flimsy attempts at diversion. Honestly, claiming Ronnie Earle's record of investigating Democrats is meaningless because the Democrats were in power at the time of the investigations? This all begs the question posited by the folks at Media Matters: why didn't CBS air Ronnie Earle's rebuttal to the republican cries of partisanship?

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