Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tom Reynolds uses fabulous mo to save America from San Francisco liberal

Finally, something to really laugh about. Yesterday I posted the text of a letter from National Republican Congressional Committee Chair, Tom Reynolds' (R-NY) heartfelt plea to raise funds to save America. Today, Raw Story reports that a lot of Republican leaders were also in the midst of kicking off fundraising efforts - for their campaigns, that is.

Among the most interesting of the campaign fundraisers is the one for Tom Reynolds himself. In order to keep his PAC going & save us all from the ultra-liberal plot to destroy traditional values by permitting gay marriage and desensitizing decent Americans to the possible installation of "San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi" as the next Speaker of the House, Reynolds has some fabulous plans for this week-end [emphasis added]
There was little evidence this week that hurricane relief efforts had put a damper on Members’ fundraising. [National Republican Congressional Committee Chair] Tom Reynolds (R-NY), for example, is moving ahead with a fundraiser at this weekend’s Elton John concert at the MCI Center.

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