Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another domino down

Tom DeLay, along with two co-conspirators (including John "since when is it illegal to launder a check?" Colyandro), has been indicted in a campaign finance scheme
"The defendants entered into an agreement with each other or with TRMPAC (Texans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee) to make a political contribution in violation of the Texas election code," says the four-page indictment. "The contribution was made directly to the Republican National Committee within 60 days of a general election."
DeLay has stepped aside as House Majority Whip and, if convicted, could spend 2 years as Bubba's girlfriend at Club Fed.

The announcement doesn't help the Republican party that is in the midst of some
high profile corruption/cronyism allegations as the indictment comes on the heels of new investigations/implications against DeLay's buddy Jack Abramoff, an insider trading investigation into potential Repubevangelical presidential candidate and animal torturer Bill Frist, and faith in the Bush Administration that rivals the trajectory of HCA/Columbia stock after the Frist family divestment.

We all know what this news means: there will be announcement of a SCotUS nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor before the end of the week.

Does anyone else think it's past time for addressing correspondence to elected officials as "the honorable" [insert corrupt politico's name]?

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