Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No sustenance for the sentient

Gee, and here I thought the Repubevangelicals were against starvation. According to Terrance, I must be wrong because I haven't heard to self-righteous roar of the religious right protesting FEMA's destruction of tons of British donated NATO ration packs instead of distributing them to needy victims of Hurricane Katrina. All the MREs are being destroyed, including 70 pallets of vegetarian MREs, due to fears of BSE from meat shipped from overseas. The FDA has declared them unfit for human consumption despite the fact that this is the same stuff we feed our troops (who, I gather, the Department of Homeland security must consider sub-human).

I guess leading US government officials are only concerned about the nutritional status of unaware severely brain-damaged patients that must be fed via invasive means; those who are starving but capable of feeding themselves are SOL.

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