Sunday, September 04, 2005

I got no time for wisdom cos I'm the fool

I've got a red light warning - I don't know why

Maybe it will go away if I close my eyes

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The AP is reporting
previously undisclosed details about the nonexistent WMD that were supposedly a critical factor in the instigation of the Iraq War.
The article opens with a remarkable, and previously unreported scene, from February 2004, after months that found U.S. weapons inspectors, including Kay, failing to find any WMDs at all.

“Beneath the giant dome of a Baghdad palace, facing his team of scientists and engineers, George Tenet sounded more like a football coach than a spymaster, a coach who didn't know the game was over,” Hanley writes.

"’Are we 85 percent done? the CIA boss demanded. The arms hunters knew what he wanted to hear. ‘No!’ they shouted back. ‘Let me hear it again!’ They shouted again. The weapons are out there, Tenet insisted. Go find them.
In 2003, a 1,500 member team did the research and came to the conclusion everyone but BushCo accepted: there were no WMD, but the Busheviks didn't want to hear anything that did not substantiate its own claims and justification for war [emphasis added]
”Barton said CIA officers in the Iraq Survey Group insisted that its reporting should not discredit the mobile-labs story ‘because that contradicts what Tenet has said.’ They also wanted the report to suggest the tubes might have been for centrifuges, although Duelfer's experts concluded otherwise.

”Duelfer's interim testimony to Congress in March 2004 said nothing about mobile labs and said the tubes remained under study.

”As late as Sept. 30 last year, in an election debate, Bush stuck to his views. ‘Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming,’ Bush maintained.

A week before, Duelfer had conveyed his 1,000-page final report to the CIA, saying Saddam had disarmed 13 years earlier.”
All the while, Iraq was turned into a country of chaos and a magnate school for the insurgency.

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