Monday, July 18, 2005

and we wonder why they think we're waging holy war

Here in the US, we have the right-wing fundagelical/Republigelical "Christians" trying to legislate their brand of Christianity on the rest of the country. We have an administration that started a war against Iraq illegally on the down-lo and then obtained permission to officially declare war based on fixed intel (aka outright lies). The war has also encouraged other disenfranchised Muslims who may not previously have been extremists engaging in acts of terrorism and an Iraq that serves as post-graduate education for better terroristic training. We have the loons at Operation Rescue, deciding to "save America" by exposing "the lie of Islam" and planning a protest against Islam at a Denver Mosque. And now we have this asshole, Tom Tancredo (R-CO) announcing we should consider bombing Mecca if the US is struck with nuclear weapons. Sure he was speaking hypothetically and sure he was saying it would be an act of retaliation but it was a stupid, incendiary thing to say and is likely to generate more ill will and most probably send more disenfranchised people over to the extremes and provoke more attacks that, unfortunately, won't be directed at the rodent fucking moron that incited them.

Enough of the stupid Republican tricks, they're not funny and you guys aren't getting yourselves killed you're hurting others.

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