Friday, July 22, 2005

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reader suggestion courtesy of the extra Senator from VA

John Heninger of Cecil has a brilliant idea courtesy of Virginia Senator Rick Santorum. In a letter to the editor of today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Heninger suggested a way to help working families to afford private education on one income (so momma can stay at home with the kiddiwinks):
Interesting interpretation Sen. Rick Santorum offers in his book "It Takes a Family." Perhaps it would be easier for all working families to have one parent at home -- if the rest of us were able to have the Penn Hills School District pay for our childrens' education too.
Since most of these families don't also have a parent that brings in excess of $150K/year with a single income (actually, most don't generate that kind of income with both parents working) or the sweet health insurance coverage that congressmen get courtesy of us taxpayers, maybe the good Senator can get media types like John Brabender, to give stay-at-home moms a $4,000/month job that allows them to work from home in their spare time to help pay the mortgage/rent on the one modest home they have and submit a proposal to provide all families with national healthcare similar to what congress gets.

FYI: Santorum will be on the Daily Show w/Jon Stewart next Monday!

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