Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And then there were three

Raw Story is reporting that W will announce his nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supremes at 9 pm eastern time. The announcement is expected to be used to divert attention from the the Bush Administration's conspiracy to undermine Joe Wilson's credibility by linking his mission to Niger to his CIA operative wife. I guess they knew that with all the talk about a classified State Department memo that may be directly linked to certain senior administration officials and the WSJ (of all publications) reporting that the memo clearly indicates information regarding Valerie Plames involvement in the Niger mission was not to be shared
The paragraph in the memo discussing Ms. Wilson's involvement in her husband's trip is marked at the beginning with a letter designation in brackets to indicate the information shouldn't be shared, according to the person familiar with the memo. Such a designation would indicate to a reader that the information was sensitive. The memo, though, doesn't specifically describe Ms. Wilson as an undercover agent, the person familiar with the memo said.
To make matters worse for the WH, they also need to divert attention from reports implicating VP Dick Cheney in leaking classified information. [emphasis added]

Mr. Cheney, responding to a question regarding the relationship between Iraq and Al Queda, called the Standard's story "the best information out there." Mr. Cheney’s comments conflicted with the Pentagon's November 15, 2003 press release stating that news reports that characterized the contents of the memo were "inaccurate" and excoriated the leak as "deplorable and maybe illegal." The Pentagon also stated that leaking such information does "serious harm to national security."

"Mr. Cheney's reference to classified information and Mr. Rove’s confirmation of Ms. Plame’s identity, accompanied by the ensuing silence from the White House, shows a distinct pattern: leaking classified information that the administration deems beneficial, without any consequences for those who disclose, is standard operating procedure," Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of CREW said today. “White House officials are simply not abiding by federal law.”

The conspiracy widens. . .

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