Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunset on the Constitution

ShakeSis has a great guest post on the Patriot Act by Thom Haslam of Societas. The Patriot Act is NOT PERMANENT (at least, not yet). As Thom points out, the legislative process is not complete and there is much to has to be hashed out between the Senate and House versions. This gives us an opportunity to do something (for crying out loud, Bob Barr's not happy with the act and wants it corrected!).

For those of you who want/need a refresher on the legislative process, I suggest you use
this as your reference since it's much more fun than the reference Thom links to (for those of you who think the Patriot Act is just yankee-doodle-dandy, let me remind you our government was intentionally set up to ensure there was an inherent system of checks & balances that the Patriot Act obliterates).

One other thing. See that big white bar at the top of the blog, the one with the blue print? Follow the link, learn all about the Patriot Act and then do something - it's not too late. . .yet.

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