Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fox News: Republicans deserve medals for damaging US national security

This past Tuesday, Faux News braniac John Gibson, announced that Karl Rove deserved a medal if he did, indeed, leak information that lead to the public identification of a covert CIA operative. As a matter of fact, Gibson said that the should have been outed and that he's happy as a clark that it happened [emphasis, Gibson]
Why? Because Valerie Plame should have been outed by somebody. And if nobody else had the cojones to do it, I'm glad Rove did — if he did do it, and he still says he didn't.
His rationale, we've all heard it before, is that because the outed operative was Valerie Plame who is not only married to former Ambassador Joe Wilson, she was the person who recommended him to investigate that thing about Iraq trying to buy some yellow cake in Niger (her exact role in the decision to send her husband is still a matter of debate).
She touted husband Joe, her CIA bosses bit, and off Wilson went to completely knock down any notion Saddam wanted Niger's nuke bomb making stuff, which is called yellow cake.
Gibson implies that Plame finagled a way to get her bosses to give her unqualified husband the plumb assignment of a trip to Niger because they would blindly accept her opinion of Wilson's abilities due to her being a bit of a specialist in WMD. Unbeknownst to them Wilson was a completely unqualified [Wilson's "lack of qualifications" include diplomatic credentials specializing in Africa with a 2 year post in Niger (1976-1978); Deputy Chief of mission at the US embassy in Baghdad (1988-1991); Sr Director for African affairs at the National Security Council during the Clinton administration; and a previous fact-finding mission to Niger to investigate rumors of uranium sales to Iraq in 1999] and a "peacenik" to boot. Following Gibson's logic: Plame's CIA bosses agreed to send Wilson without making their own determination regarding his qualifications and/or just to placate her; Plame, of course, wanted to send her hubby because the couple was willing to knowingly jeopardize national security by cooking a scheme to make BushCo look bad.

So why should Rove get a medal?

Let's just assume that spy Valerie Plame knew her husband's attitudes about the war in Iraq and George W. Bush's policies. Sending him off to Niger could be regarded as an attempt to influence national policies.

The problem is, Tenent & Cheney actually argued that Wilson's report lent credibility to administration lies assertions that Iraq had (recently) been trying to buy uranium in Niger and then, in July 2003, Tenent had to admit the info Bush gave in his speech about the matter was based on bad intel and shouldn't have been in the speech, and then [July 2004] it turned out that, despite some British intel (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the British report was from the time DSM alludes to some "fixing" o' the intel at the behest of Bush & Bloodle) that supported BushCo claims
A unanimous Senate Intelligence Committee report released this month said U.S. intelligence lacked evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime even attempted to buy uranium in the African nation of Niger, let alone actually made a deal. At the same time, however, the report raised sharp questions about former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who has positioned himself as a chief critic of the White House's allegations of an Iraq-Africa-uranium connection
Plame may or may not have recommended Joe Wilson for the job, but Plame did not make the final decision to send him, her bosses did that. Based on his credentials, experience and access to necessary contacts, he was eminently qualilfied for the job. Additionally, despite Republican claims to the contrary, Plame was a NOC which put her in the most precarious of positions as an undercover CIA operative. Providing information to openly identify her as working at the CIA in a capacity to make the decision to send her husband on the Niger mission (low-level publicly known CIA employees don't have that kind of sway) effectively outed her as an operative and jeopardized US national security. Karl Rove was in a position in which he knew or should have known she was covert (it was his obligation to ensure any information he passed on about anyone at the CIA could not negatively impact any covert operations or national security).

John Gibson ultimately thinks Karl Rove deserves to be honored for potentially damaging US national security because the Republican Party is much more important than the United States. FOX NEWS NETWORK: bleating like sheeple since 1996.

UPDATE: Just to show you how the "Fair & Balanced" fact-driven folks are FOX are, feel free to compare: the official transcript vs newshounds transcript. See just who's accurate yourself courtesy Crooks & Liars.

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