Friday, July 08, 2005

Having the state prove Jeb Bush is a moron: priceless (as long as you're not a Florida taxpayer)

A Florida State Attorney has found no evidence of criminal activity in the collapse that left "pro-life" cause célèbre, Terri Schiavo, in a Persistent Vegetative State over 15 years ago. Brother Jeb had requested the investigation after autopsy results revealed that he, Expert Federal Video-Diagnostician Bill Frist, and the "pro-life" community were wrong in their insistance that Schiavo was merely incapacitated and able to make a significant recovery with additional treatment.

According to Bush, the investigation was necessary because he'd received new information that lead him to believe Schiavo's husband, Michael, had intentionally waited to contact rescue/emergency services in order to ensure Terri's death. Additionally, the first brother thought it would be a grand gesture for Florida taxpayers to foot the bill for even more legal action regarding a family disagreement, especially as Terri Schiavo's family & the "pro-life" community wire in dire need of
even more evidence to refute their slanderous claims that Michael Schiavo was an abusive husband who murdered his wife.
In asking Mr. McCabe to look again into what had caused Ms. Schiavo's persistent vegetative state, the governor had cited what some saw as a gap between the time her husband, Michael, found her and the time he called 911. But in a report dated June 30 and released Thursday, Mr. McCabe said that while such discrepancies might exist in the record, Mr. Schiavo's statements that he called 911 immediately had been consistent.

"This consistency, coupled with the varying recollections of the precise time offered by other interested parties, lead me to the conclusion that such discrepancies are not indicative of criminal activity and thus not material to any potential investigation," Mr. McCabe wrote Mr. Bush in a letter accompanying the report.
Jeb agreed to close the inquiry as it was unable to find anything even close to warranting a homicide investigation. The late Mrs. Schindler's parents, speaking through their attorney, complained they were not interviewed by the state attorney's office and appeared, yet again, to accuse any evidence that does not support their claim of being the result of poor worksmanship.
David Gibbs, a lawyer for Ms. Schiavo's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, said the report appeared rushed. Mr. Gibbs noted that the Schindlers had not been interviewed by the state attorney's office. "We had thought they would meet with the family," he said.
Undoubtedly, the Schindlers and their supporters will continue to wage their war of slander/libel against Michael Schiavo regardless of how many times actual evidence fails to support their allegations. I think it's high time for Schiavo to take legal action against not only the Schindler's and supporters like Randall Terry, but to take action against the organizations that fund them as well. Maybe if they are affected financially, they will be more careful in the charges the make and think twice before making taxpayers pay for overzealous litigation of personal matters.

UPDATE 10:46 - Jesse Taylor mentioned that he'd heard Tom Coburn* (R-OK) is challenging the Schiavo autopsy results. I guess after completing his fellowship at the renowned Fristian School of Videography & Hearsay has emboldened the novice pathologist, despite his current lack of board eligibility/certification.

* Coburn's a licensed (& ostensibly certified) OB/GYN, not neurologist or pathologist

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