Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BushCo & Friends: the big F-you to women & families

Alberto "screw the Geneva conventions" Gonzalez, in an "am too" bid to show those Repubevangelicals he is conservative enough for a future position to the Supremes announced that the Supreme Court "is not obliged to follow" precedent in Roe v. Wade. Per Gonzalez, Roe was a pesky lower court decision that, despite the fact SCotUS continuously set their own precedent in affirming successive cases, should not have any bearing in review of future cases if a justice personally believes "it's wrong."

Women, according to Gonzalez and the Bush administration, should not only have children if they are slutty enough to get themselves knocked up but should not expect the government to do anything to aid families after the birth/adoption of a new child (despite the fact that every other industrialized country except Australia does provide support) because businesses don't want to shoulder the burden.
There have been several attempts at introducing paid maternity leave in the United States. The Clinton administration wanted to allow states to use unemployment funds for maternity leaves, but that was shot down by the Bush administration after opposition from business groups concerned with increased contribution to state unemployment funds.
Furthermore, federal and most state governments are strapped funneling cash into faith-based programs, abstinence-only education, lawsuits to require religious education replace science education and getting involved in family disputes to keep white women "alive" in PSVs (while fighting the opposing side to withdraw life support for minorities that don't serve a political purpose) to be exptected to lend any additional support to families in which the mother insists on working outside the home.

Truth be told, back in the days when "traditional marriage" ruled, there was no need or desire for paid maternity leave because women knew their place was home raising the children instead of in the workplace seeking professional gratification and social affirmation for being something aside from wife and mother. A return to the "traditional family" would solve the entire issue of maternity leave and, as Rick Santorum (R-VA) writes in his book, "It Takes a Family", if couples would take an honest look at their budget, they'd see both of them don't have to work to support their family.

Single women, however, who must work to support themselves until they can find a man to marry them should not look for support from their employers or the government should they get themselves pregnant, nor should they expect to be allowed to avoid the consequences of their actions by being allowed to terminate pregnancies. To lend support to them in this manner would be to condone their foolish, irresponsible and slutty behavior much to the detriment of the "traditional family", if they are ill-prepared to stay at home to raise their child, they should put it up for adoption so it can be raised in a proper environment by a mother and a father that have their priorities straight.

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