Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Richard Cranium's big heart gets Latoyia coverage on CNN

It looks like the efforts of
All Spin Zone, Philly Future (check out the lovely letter written by the folks at SaveArdmoreCoaltion), etc. have paid off and that the disappearance of 24-year old Latoyia Figueroa is now being covered by CNN & will be Maybe we can increase exposure if MSNBC follows suit (write to the Abrams Report to get them to cover the story too). Abrams Report is putting something together for tomorrow; Tucker Carlson will discuss it tonight at 9.

There's still much to be done in the hopes of a happy ending. Richard has established a reward fund in conjunction with the Philly Citizen's Crime Commission for information on what's happened to Latoyia:
You can donate a couple of ways: send a check to “Latoyia Figueroa Fund”, addressed to:

Citizens Crime Commission
1218 Chestnut Street, Suite 406
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Or, since the Crime Commission does not have a way to electronically accept donations to this fund, I have set aside all fundraising activities for the moment, and every dime donated via PayPal (click on the PayPal icon in the right hand column, or PayPal directly to or through our dontation page will be directly sent to the Crime Commission in Latoyia's name. I'd love to see a $10,000 fund set up for her by the end of the week. As with any missing persons issue, time is of the essence. Sad to say, but on the street, money talks and bullshit walks. We need to get this reward on-air on Philly TV and radio ASAP.

Consider this as a social experiment. If Natalee Holloway rates a $1 Million reward, certainly, a missing mother (and mother-to-be) rates enough reward money to shake a few street rats out of the woodwork, and we should put our money where our mouth is. Five or ten bucks each from the thousands who are reading this post today will make a tremendous difference.
Update, 4:50PM - ASZ just received word that Abram's Report on MSNBC will be covering Latoyia tonight or tomorrow, depending on how quick they can put it together. (YAY)

Update, 8:25 PM - I just heard a promo on MSNBC and Tucker Carlson will be discussing Latoyia's disappearance on his show at 9:00 tonight. I'm guessing Abrams Report will follow up tomorrow.

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