Friday, July 29, 2005

Fast Eddie says not so fast

Typical. A bunch of state politicos do the right thing by voting against a controversial 16% pay increase (W only gave his beloved turdblossom a 2.5% pay hike) for state politicos and were rewarded for this vote by being demoted from positions as committee/sub-committee chairmen to vice-chairman roles . Gov. Ed Rendell doesn't think it's a good idea to penalize people for voting against the grain and that it may actually be "unfair and inappropriate" to do so.

The 15 naysayers have been replaced as committee/sub-committee chairmen by legislators who voted in favor of the pay increase. Mike Manzo, spokesman for state Democratic Leader H. William DeWeese, defended the action by stating that the demotions were not punitive or some form of retaliation against those who voted against the raise but were, instead, a reward for those who voted for the raise (yeah, he actually said it). Committee/sub-committee chairmen get an additional $4,050/year, lower level committee members do not get additional compensation.

I have a suggestion for a new slogan for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party "PA Dems: you didn't know we're Republican, did you?"

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