Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jebba the Guv declares Rove's innocence

Poor cognitively challenged Florida Governor Jeb Bush isn't going to try his big brother's new trick of thinking prior to speaking. Jebby's announced that if it's illegal to out a covert operator then Karl Rove didn't out a covert operator. He went on to say that all the press is just political turdblossom-kicking.
If it’s illegal to out a covert operator, then Karl didn’t do it and he’s not a target of the investigation. But it’s really kind of a symptom of the putrid nature of Washington DC to pile it on without any facts. There’s a special prosecutor doing this investigation. Karl’s not a subject to that probe. I don’t think…… I think it’s much to do about nothing, but we’ll see. Let the process work”
All Rove did was tell a reporter (or two) that Joe Wilson's wife had some sort of job at the CIA that gave her the power to decide who to send on fact finding missions about WMD, it's not like anyone was hurt or in any danger or anything.

Come to think of it he used the word "operator", maybe Jebby thinks Valerie Plame worked the switchboard at the CIA.

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