Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Only in the land of Jebba the Bush

via Jesse. The Holy Land Experience is a theme park that pitches itself as a "living, biblical history museum" and a "Bible-believing Christ-Centered Ministry" that now has tax-exempt status because it is owned by Zion's Hope - a non-denominational Christian Ministry devoted to bagging Christ defying heathens converting Jews to Christianity.

The $16M park, which opened in 2001, had originally been granted exemptions limited to administrative & educational facilities, but judge Cynthia MacKinnon granted tax-exempt status to the entire park because Zion's Hope uses it "to spread what it considers to be God's word." The park features costumed characters in biblical settings, the Jerusalem Street Market and the Oasis Palm's Cafe among its attractions at an admission fee of only $29.99/adult ($19.99 for kids 6-12) and takes all major credit cards.

Next up in line for exemptions: Christ's Kiln, a Nazi-themed clayground owned by the Westboro Baptist Church.

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