Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It Takes an Idiot

John Brabender, Rick Santorum's media strategist (and the man who paid Karen Santorum $4,000/month to work from home in her spare time) has told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that despite the Democrat/liberal bloggers having a jolly good time with excerpts from Santorum's book "It Takes a Family", the book will actually be a political asset for the Senator from Virginia.
Brabender and other Santorum partisans claim that the early criticism of "It Takes a Family" has been driven by Democrats and liberal Web bloggers, who, in his view, took passages out of context in a concerted effort to paint Santorum as an out-of touch arch-conservative.

"We knew, from Day One, that the Democrats would take small parts of this out of context and we fully understand that," Brabender said. "I will tell you that I think once people actually read this book and see he's talking about real solutions to things that families have to contend with, people will find lots of things they agree with .... Rick Santorum is critical of conservatives on some things too, and I think that's an important part of the message."

Rick Santorum: the gift that keeps giving.

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