Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our Truths has arrived

Back in May I referenced a new bilingual magazine called Our Truths (Nuestras Verdades).
Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades is a print and on-line magazine dedicated to bringing to light the diversity of abortion experiences while creating a safe space for people of all genders to speak their truths.
The publishers of the magazines hope to reduce the stigma surrounding abortion and allow women and men who have had experiences with abortion, especially those who are young and/or people of color who frequently feel marginalized by the mainstream pro-choice movement, a haven in which to share their experiences without harsh judgment.

I'd first heard about the new 'zine from a post by Bon at Abortion Clinic Days. He very wisely pointed out that until those of us who have had abortions can share our experiences and what we've learned from them, women who have abortions will always be stigmatized as promiscuous, selfish, irresponsible, immature and/or confused. In addition to the stories of women, we also need to hear the voices of men and how abortion affects them emotionally, as many completely disregard the part they can and do play in a pregnancy and its outcome.

The premier issue addresses the stigma of abortion, the next issue will be about abortion in pop culture (they are accepting submissions for that issue through 1 October). Check it out and lend your voice.

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