Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Virginia is for haters news

A 23-year old woman who is 8 months pregnant was assaulted by 3 white men for making the dreaded mistake of walking while Muslim and being black to boot.
According to the victim, the men shouted, "You terrorist b- tch, go back to your country. . .You n-gger b-tch." (The woman is African-American.)

The truck drove away and then returned as the woman continued on her walk. One of the men, who was wearing military-style clothing, allegedly got out of the vehicle and began shoving the woman and preventing her from moving away. During the assault, he shouted, "You terrorist b-tch. . . We're going to kick your a-s. . . you're nothing." The other men then called the attacker back to the truck and it sped off.

No word on why such esteemed and patriotic gentleman are not stationed in Iraq, one can only assume they were on their way to enlist with a request to be deployed to Abu Ghraib so they can rough up some children next.

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