Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fox News Network: the make your head spin zone

See the Amber Alert ticker I have? As I type this, the alert is still on for Jodie Renee Collie, a 12-year old NC girl that authorities fear may be with a registered sex offender. Oddly, it seems as though the Fox (all Republican "family values", all the time) News network doesn't give a shit. The folks at Missing and Abducted have been trying to get Fox to cover current Amber Alerts with no luck, despite the fact other news outlets do carry & cover Amber Alerts [emphasis added]

Text of an email sent to Fox News

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Subject: Please have Fox get on the ball and cover active AMBER ALERTS like the one right now!!!!!!!!

There is a current Amber Alert in NC, a registered sex offender that has a 12 year old girl Jodie Renee Collie. Every night Bill O’ Reilly talks about Jessica’s law and the outrage, and now the network you all are on doesn’t even report Amber Alerts as a Fox News Alert. We have breaking news all day about Natalee Holloway who’s seach has had millions in resources and even more in media exposure. At least cover the Amber Alerts.

M & A report receiving a read receipt from Alan Colmes (or someone on his staff) 15 minutes prior to his show, so they watched. . . and waited. . . and not a word.

There are 2 pictures available for Jodie Renee Collie. She's described as a green-eyed blonde, so I gather the picture on the left is the most current one (though, I would not put it past a kidnapper to dye her hair if everyone's looking for a blonde). She is 5'4" and 114 pounds.

Police say the abductor, Phillip Daniel Denkler, 27, is a registered sex offender. He is described as a white male with straight, short, black hair and brown eyes.

The two were last seen in a beige 2005 Hyundai Sonata with North Carolina license plate number NMN-2630. Anyone who has information about this case is asked to call the Rocky Mount Police Department at (252) 972-1411 or 911.

UPDATE: It seems as though Jodie received a phone call from Denkler early Friday morning to make arrangements to pick her up. The 12-year old left a note saying she “needed to spend some time away and to please not call police.”

[Kim] Baker [Collie's mother] said she believes Denkler and Collie met at a convenience store near Baker’s house earlier this year. “I think he remembered her from then, and he started calling her when he got out of jail,” Baker said. “He was under house arrest with the bracelet and everything, but apparently, that didn’t stop him.”

UPDATE 8/29/05: Alabama authorities have now joined in the search for Jodie. If they took a normal route from Rocky Mount, NC to Alabama, they probably would have driven SW through the Carolinas and west through GA into AL (depending on which part of AL they're heading to).

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