Monday, August 22, 2005

Politics & bedfellows - not always a safe match

"Generally, you like your candidates to talk about convictions, but not their husband's convictions."

Republican strategist Nelson Warlfield on Jeanine Pirro's plans to challenge Hillary Clinton's bid to remain the senator from NY.
While Republicans loveto point out the dalliances of Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, and the fact he was impeached for lying about getting blown by Monica Lewinsky (something we all know endangered the lives of more Americans than starting a war illegally, lying to obtain an official declaration of war and supporting administration officials who outed a CIA operative), they're none too keen on pointing out the transgressions of Republican challenger Jeanine Pirro's husband. Like Bill Clinton, Albert Pirro engaged in extramarital sexual activity: Clinton's resulted in an impeachment for lying about the aforementioned hummers; Pirro's resulted in the birth of an illegitimate daughter 8 years into his marriage. Additionally, while both candidates married attorneys, Pirro's husband was disbarred and served 11 months as my family likes to say "at a government institution" after being convicted for tax fraud.

I fully expect we may be hearing more from Mr. Tricia Nixon about his intentions when the Rep's can't quite promote Pirro's family values based on her opposition to late-term abortion.

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