Thursday, August 04, 2005

1 meshugunah settler + 1 army issued rifle = 4 dead Israeli Arabs and 5 more seriously wounded

An Israeli Soldier opened fire inside a bus killing 4 people and seriously injuring 5 more before he was killed. The victims were Israeli Arabs, the gunman was reported to be a settler from Tapuach (a West Bank settlement filled with followers of late extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane). According to Israeli TV, the gunman had gone AWOL from the military to protest Sharon's disengagement plan.

Unlike other countries that win land in war, Israel always knew parts of their land would be temporary territory and if the settlers did not bother to consider the probability they'd be told to get out, shame on them for being so myopic. Whether there can ever be a real peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors is anyone's guess but as disturbing as it is to be uprooted, the only chance for that to happen requires disengagement. The settlers that threaten the peace process are just adding fuel to the fire of those who want more than just them dead. Terrorists are terrorists regardless of their race, color or creed; even the protesting settlers agree.

In southern Israel, meanwhile, opponents of the pullout ended their second mass protest Thursday, after police blocked their plan to march to Gaza to reinforce the doomed settlements. A few hundred protesters remained behind in the town of Ofakim, including settlers' council head Bentsi Lieberman, who denounced the shooting.

"Murder is murder is murder, and there can be no other response but to denounce it completely and express revulsion," he said.

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