Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I had to put her someplace, a'cause I had company coming over

Two seconds after I commented on Nick's post about the hazards of getting romantically involved with murderers (including a reference to the exchange that must have made Dan Abrams' mamma proud), I heard a news update on the Latoyia Figueroa case.

During a court appearance today, Stephen Poaches' confession to the murder of Figueroa and the couple's unborn child was read aloud by Detective Charles Boyle [emphasis & link added]
"I accidentally let the temper get the best of me, resulting in La'Toyia's death. We had an argument, a couple of blows. I didn't hit her in the stomach, or that.

"She was hitting me on the shoulders and face. That's when I grabbed her neck to try and stop her from hitting me. I squeezed a little too long," Boyle said Poaches told him.

"La'Toyia hit me in the face and shoulder. I was surprised. I grabbed her with both hands around the neck and squeezed. I kind of freaked out when she stopped hitting."

"I panicked. I was tapping her, calling her name. She was lying on the floor. . . . She's dead - that was it. . ." [Philadelphia Inquirer]

You squeeze "a little too long" and the person passes out; you have to want to kill someone if you strangle them to death with your bare hands. Despite this, Poaches claims he is not a murderer
"I feel terrible for the act. I don't feel I am a murderer. This was not premeditated." [KYW News]
He said he panicked and hid Figueroa's body under the bed because he was expecting company (his other girlfriend, who'd already given birth to his child). It was later that evening he wrapped Latoyia's body in garbage bags and called a friend who helped him dumped the body in nearby Chester, PA.

Poaches attorney tried to get the charges reduced to 3rd degree murder because the death was not premeditation because it was the result of his client's "
temper tantrum". The judge, apparently, didn't buy it: Poaches was ordered to stand trial for two counts of murder and will be arraigned September 21.

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