Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Can Christianity coexist with rational thought?

If you're a follower of Pat "Christian murderer's are A-OK with me" Roberston and his Christian Broadcast Network, delusions, stupidity and sheer ignorance are the epitome of nirvana. If you're a rational human being you know otherwise. Over the past few years, Robertson and CBN have joined the multitudes of "good Christians" blatantly making it clear that while they demand the supposedly complete and innerant Christian bible be the basis of American civil law, adherence to the precepts of their faith mandatory for all but themselves and members of their flocks.

The other day, Robertson suggested commiting a murder of convenience despite that whole commandment against murder on G-d's handy-dandy list of "no-nos" that Robertson and his ilk insist be placed in every classroom and courthouse to remind us all of what we can't do. Now granted, Roberston suggested outright killing Hugo Chavez because it's cheaper than going to war against Venezuela and I like a man who keeps his eye on cost-efficacy, but then I recall how how organized a 21-day "prayer offensive" to ask his Homey to break one of his own die-hard rules and kill off a bunch of Supreme Court justices and I've got no choice but to agree with Pam Spaulding that the man is just plain batsh*t crazy. What's even crazier is the man has followers and they have decided that the "leftists" (that would be anyone who didn't vote for King George) are in cahoots with the Islamofascists and may be, in fact, to blame for the July bombings in London's subway system.

I guess it's only a matter of time before we're placed in internment camps to protect national security, at least I can hold on to some hope for the future - it's not like they can screw up science or anything.

According to Agi, the Rapture Watch is

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