Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hip-Hop/Rappers come through for Latoyia - so why not for other women?

Hip-Hop & Rap are extremely popular but they're also known for a level of negativity and antagonistic behavior towards society at large. Hip-Hop culture glorifies crime, is derisive towards homosexuality and degrades women. Kanye West has recently decided that, since he has a gay cousin he loves, it's none too cool to dis the 'mos. West has even addressed the issue on by telling his colleagues and fans "Yo stop it".

Due to this it was with great interest that I read a column in todays Daily News praising alleged attempted-murderer and Hip-Hop star Beanie Sigel for coming through for Latoyia Figueroa by not only donating $5,000 to the Citizen's Crime Comission, but also getting mogul Damon Dash to kick in 5 grand as well. As word spread, other rappers/Hip-Hoppers followed suit.
Sigel, 31, continued following the Figueroa case in newspapers while finishing his one-year federal sentence in Fairton, N.J., for illegally carrying a loaded .45-caliber handgun and having drugs in a SUV.

"I just wanted to find the girl," he said."I have children. I have sisters."

Sigel is dismayed that more rich Philly Pholks (Philly entertainers & sports stars, in particular) didn't pitch in and help out. I'm dismayed that Sigel didn't take the opportunity to use this tragedy to pull a Kanye and tell his community to tone down the misogyny. While domestic abuse and murdering your baby mama is nothing new in American culture, the rap/Hip-Hop degradation of women as bitches and 'hos doesn't really help the community view women as worthy of respect/respectful treatment.

Come on Beanie, make your mama proud and pull a Kanye on this one. While you're at it, there are some other sisters who could use your help too.

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