Saturday, August 27, 2005

So I tweaked it

I love dark, rich, warm colors so it was with chagrin I'd read some commentary indicating some people don't like dark color schemes w/light text on blogs because they think they make them unreadable. I was hoping I could have a little of both worlds and have the posts containing a background that matched the color of the headings and the side bar links with dark text (trying to keep with that whole forest theme). I was frustrated when my senility prevented me from figuring out how to program different colors for the links in the posts vs. the rest of the blog (without going through each post to manually code individual links). Then I remembered, I've always pretty much sucked at this (and I'm not quite in the position that paying Lauren for one of her incredible redesigns is really appropriate).

So, whaddya think. . .keep it as is, or go back to square 1?

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