Sunday, August 21, 2005

Monsignor: protecting marriage from 'mos by being named as a correspondent in a divorce

Monsignor Eugene Clark is all for bringing back the Inquisition, especially if since he walks lock step with the Vatican in their assertion that homosexuals are destroying the sacred institution of marriage. The good monsignor is so afraid evil gays and liberals will break up marriages that he's joined the effort of other honorable Christian clergy in breaking up the marriages of his parishioners himself by engaging in an adulterous relationship with his secretary, Laura DeFilippo. The rector reportedly romanced his married secretary at his Hamptons home and a Long Island motel according to court documents.

While both Clark and the soon-to-be-former Mrs. DeFilippo deny anything but a platonic and professional relationship, a private investigator has videotape of the couple arriving at a motel together and leaving hours later (in different clothes). In addition, DeFilippo's 14-year old daughter claims to have caught the priest in a
compromising position with her mother [emphasis added]

"sitting on [Clark's] lap wearing a satin teddy."

The girl told police she ran to her room where her mother "yelled at me, convincing me that I didn't see what I saw, and it wasn't what I thought. She told me that he had prostate cancer, and I couldn't tell anyone what I saw or I would be in trouble."

I wonder if Medicaid reimbursements for lingerie is limited to teddies or if it will cover this little number too - I'd like to keep my old sugar-daddy's margins clear for a couple more years.

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