Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finally, Philly rates #1. . .

Unfortunately, what we're #1 in isn't something to be happy about. According to the American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund (AC4VR), Philly is the top election fraud hot spot in the country. We beat out Milwaukee, Seattle, St. Louis/East St. Louis and Cleveland for the dishonor. The AC4VR report states Democrats were by far more active in voter initimidation practices than Republicans, while the following findings are completely believable for Philly, I find the overall assertion to be odd (if it's true, the Democrats really suck at voter intimidation)

Summary Of Philadelphia Findings:

-- Republican volunteers violently intimidated by union members, who assaulted the volunteers' vehicle and chased them in traffic.

-- At least 15 new registrants found to be deceased.

-- Many addresses listed for new registrants were in fact vacant lots and boarded-up buildings.

-- Polling places located in local bars, unsafe abandoned buildings, district office of Democrat state Sen. Vincent Fumo and private home decorated with Kerry sign in window.

-- 43 polling locations inaccessible to the handicapped and 17 in businesses or homes where voters could be intimidated.

-- ACT and MoveOn illegally distributed and collected absentee ballots from prison inmates in at least one Philadelphia prison, according to news reports.

-- City voter rolls nearly matched census estimates of the voting-age population.

-- ACORN reportedly put inaccurate information on voter registration forms.

UPDATE: courtesy US Newswire
Despite mountains of confirmed evidence to the contrary, the releases and report attempt to portray the Republican party and its highly paid operatives around the country as having had nothing do with Election Fraud, Voter Registration Fraud, or the thousands of reports of Voter Disenfranchisement and Voting Machine Misallocation in predominately minority areas around the country last November.

ACVR outrageously claims to be a non-partisan, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) group, but is in fact run solely by high-level GOP operatives. Executive Director Mark F. "Thor" Hearne, was the National General Counsel for Bush/Cheney '04 and Press Spokesman Jim Dyke, was the 2004 RNC Communications Director responsible for ensuring operatives dressed in "Flipper" costumes were present at John Kerry campaign events.

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