Thursday, August 25, 2005

People just don't understand how hard it is for a man to have 2 pregnant lovers

Man likes sex but doesn't want to be tied down in one mutually exclusive monogamous relationship. Man gets one woman pregnant and continues a sexually intimate relationship with a different woman knowing she wanted to have more children. Man does not use condom, figuring second woman will just abort if she gets pregnant.

Lo' and behold, second woman gets pregnant. During the 5th month of her pregnancy, man accompanies lover #2 to a prenatal check up. After the couple return home, man sweetly asks woman to terminate the pregnancy & then woman gets herself killed.

via Pax Romano, who has info on Latoyia's Memorial Service [emphasis added]

Friends say Poaches may have killed Figueroa because he had also gotten another woman pregnant. However, the suspect told police he murdered Figueroa, who was five months pregnant at the time, because she wouldn't have an abortion.

Investigators have told reporters that Poaches admitted he strangled the young woman in rage when she told him she didn't agree with having an abortion. []
Poaches waited until the middle of the 2nd trimester to discuss abortion with Latoyia and then gets mad enough to kill her in a sudden fit of rage for refusing to terminate? It sounds to me like Poaches went to the pre-natal exam with Latoyia to intentionally make it appear as though he was supporting the pregnancy because he knew full well he'd be the primary person of interest if she met with foul play.

As for the theory that Latoyia is somehow culpable for her own murder, Philadelphians with brains & hearts know better.

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