Monday, August 22, 2005

More on the police state at Pittsburgh anti-war Protest

David Meieran, the organizer of Saturday's anti-war demonstration near a closed Army recruitment center in Pittsburgh, is demanding an investigation into the police action that broke up the event. Five people, including a minor, were arrested; the minor was cited for disorderly conduct and released but 3 of the 4 adults were jailed overnight. As previously reported, 2 women were admitted to a local hospital after being tasered by police, but the excessive force did not stop there. According to Meieran, this was the first time the police had used tasers on protesters and the use was a clear violation of official guidelines for use of the weapon. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that police moved in on the demonstrators after one of them grabbed a TV camera [emphasis added]
Police used a Taser, or stun gun, on two people and pepper spray on others, including a 4-year-old girl, and "toppled a man with multiple sclerosis in his motorized wheelchair," according to the group's statement.

Others were clubbed with retracting metal batons, and a 68-year-old grandmother was bitten in the thigh by a police dog, the statement said.

The group hopes to show a video of the police actions, perhaps as early as today

The "Patriot Act" pretty much allows the Executive Branch to turn the country into it's own little police state. This means any expression of disagreement with government policies can result in punitive action without legal recourse. This is not our founding fathers' America, it is the America of King George and his dark-age trippin' minions.

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