Monday, August 29, 2005

Male puritanism: it's all about their seed

They really do want to have their cake and eat it too. [emphasis added]
The latest research suggests the mechanics of sexual intercourse and the shape of the human penis evolved as a countermeasure to the infidelity of our female forebears. Men may not be aware of it, but during sex they may be instinctively using their penises as "sperm displacement devices," says evolutionary psychologist Todd Shackelford of Florida Atlantic University.

Biologists have known for years this kind of thing happens in animals, says Shackelford. "It's only shocking when applied to humans."

The evolutionary advantage of male sluttishness is obvious - it spreads your genes around. But evolution also may favor females who cheat. Often such behavior helps her beget offspring with better genes.

That in turn creates a pressure unique to males: the threat of cuckoldry - evolutionary doom. He who fails to impregnate his mate or who inadvertently brings up another's brood won't pass on his genes.

I guess this explains their problem with evolution too.

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