Friday, August 05, 2005

Roberts forgets an awful lot for such a young guy

In addition to having no recollection of being a member in the Federalist Society (an organization that lists him on the Leadership Committee in 1997-1998) , Roberts also failed to disclose he was a registered lobbyist on behalf of the cosmetics industry in 2001. Roberts has conceded that he should have disclosed this information but didn't because he didn't seem to understand that his task would be considered lobbying and, to make matters worse, his amended filing isn't exactly accurate [emphasis added]
In an amendment filed yesterday in response to a Newsday story about the omission, Roberts confirmed he was registered to lobby for the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association and had met with two agencies on its behalf in 2001.

Roberts also said it was "appropriate" for his former firm to file the lobbying disclosures, but said he omitted the cosmetics group when answering the questionnaire because he thought his work was a legal task, not lobbying.

But Food and Drug Administration records show Roberts was working for the cosmetics group earlier and for a longer period than he says in his amended filing and that is shown in the lobby disclosure forms filed by his former firm, Hogan & Hartson.
Either Roberts has early stage Alzheimers or some other form of memory impairment, he's a liar or both - either this additional lapse points to some sort of pathology which could be extremely detrimental to anyone sitting on the highest court in the nation.

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