Saturday, August 20, 2005

Possible break in Figueroa case

The remains of a woman that may be Latoyia Figeuroa have been found just outside the city.

Philadelphia police said they believe remains recovered in neighboring Chester may be those of Figueroa, and also said they had a person in custody in the case. Inspector William Colarulo said early Saturday, Aug. 20, that he could not confirm that the remains were those of Figueroa, but investigators believed that to be the case. Colarulo said the person in custody had not been arrested or charged.
Channel 10 has announced the body was discovered just after midnight this morning and her boyfriend is now in police custody after being caught trying to move the body. No charges have been filed yet, but there will be a press conference at 10 this morning.


UPDATE (20Aug05 10:27 EST): The body found in Chester has been identified as Latoyia's. Steven Pouches (the father of Figeuroa's unborn child) was found a couple blocks from where the remains were buried (he was wearing a bullet proof vest & carrying a 45 caliber gun). He and a suspected accomplice have been charged in her death.

UPDATE (20Aug05 11:00 EST): Major media outlets are carrying Latoyia's story (MSNBC has made it one of their top stories this morning) as well as local ones. ASZ and Missing & Abducted are covering stories about how Bob Costas refused to guest host for Larry King if the topic had to be Natalee Holloway's disappearance.

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