Friday, August 19, 2005

Something to help the little backscratcher

They don't call Philly the city of brotherly love for nuttin' and a local lawyer decided to prove just that - in writing.

Among the many problems the city has is the abundance of establishments have licenses that allow them to sell alcohol for on-site consumption and take-away. While this is quite the convenience, it can cause problems in a neighborhood when these places become hangouts for drunks (probably some of my old school buddies) and other unsavory characters (possibly members of my family) to the point that the state has decided to control the situation by requiring separate licenses for on-site consumption and carry-out sales.

Enter Republican ward leader Aaron Finestone , a City Council attorney, who sent an email to 42 people delineating how to help small time lawyers make some cash instead of helping out big law firms in the city. His suggestion was to ensure the little guy can earn an extra buck or two by handling permit applications and that the hearing officers be hand-picked using select criteria

"I suggest we consider patronage to supply the hearing officers," wrote Finestone.

"I am not speaking of big-firm pay-to-play. I speak of solo and small-firm attorneys who do favors for their political parties, represent people in court pro bono and represent the politicians and community groups pro bono."

whatta guy, eh?

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