Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Truth too

Bon at Abortion Clinic Days posted about a new 'zine/organization called Our Truths which is a project from that is the collective vision of a diverse group of women who are reproductive rights activists, social workers, counselors, feminists, writers and artists. As he says, until those of us who have had abortions but aren't constantly beating ourselves up for, as the "Pro-life" movement claims "making the wrong decision", "using abortion as birth control", "making a decision out of convenience or without careless disregard" can share our experiences and what we've learned from them, women who have abortions will always be stigmatized as promiscuous, selfish, irresponsible, immature and/or confused.

Unlike many of the "Pro-life" women who have an
abortion (or two) in between protesting, my actions are consistent with my views. As Amanda points out "the jaw-dropping hypocrisy and weirdness chronicled" in the rationalizing and attitudes of some "Pro-Life" women is mind-boggling. When they ("Pro-Lifers") "have to have an abortion" it's different than when women who are pro-choice do. They have no choice, we make immoral/uninformed/confused choices or are coerced. When women who've had abortions feel regret/remorse and become "Pro-Life" activists, they believe that since they have regrets and know they've done something wrong, we must also feel that way (if we do not now, we will one day as soon as we accept truth as they "know" it).

The organization is now accepting submissions through July for it's September issue focused on abortion in pop culture.

I regret being in a position that abortion had to be considered, I do not regret making the decision to terminate my pregnancy when I was 19: when the potential benefit was primarily mine and the vast majority of risk would have been faced by the child I could have had, I decided that to force that chance on another was unconscionable. About nine years later, upon reflection, I wrote this, which I just submitted to them.


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