Saturday, May 21, 2005

The penultimate in travel preparation

It has never been more evident how far from a boyscout I am than it is right now. I'm leaving for Russia tomorrow. Am I prepared? Nope.

I have known about this for some time I had to obtain a visa for this trip and that is no small fĂȘte (on the bright spot, I know I'm HIV negative since I had to be tested to get the visa). I put off doing laundry and packing because I knew today would be a crappy day and figured I'd spend the whole day getting stuff like that done. Did I? That's a big negative. It was crappy out and Tenacious D's being all snuggly because he knows I'm going out of town (snuggling with the D-man + rainy day = long nap).

I finally finished my laundry and finally started packing to realize the bag that I thought was my big bag was really my gym bag and not so big. Come to think of it, I actually chucked the big bag a few years ago. Oops. I actually had to do something I have never done in over 10 years of business travel: pack 2 bags. . . I can't really figure out why all my stuff doesn't fit in my regular roller bag, I'm coming back next Saturday and I'm sure I should be able to fit all my clothes for work in that bag - I've done it before. I will use the excuse that the real reason I needed the gym bag was because toting my computer, camera and phone around requires converters and chargers I don't normally carry with me (which is true if I limit my statement to traveling in North America). I have no friggen clue what I put in those bags, but I'm not unpacking them now and going through that whole process again. Let's hope I at least have everything I need.

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