Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Things about Saint Petersburg that I found interesting

Peter the Great was apparently so taken with Venice, St. Petersburg is chock full of canals.

For the most part, it seems like any other old European city (except for all the signs in cyrillic); I guess I pictured it to be very gray and regimented.

They have the worst parking situation I have ever encountered in any city.

I saw quite a few lesbian couples walking around last night (I thought that was nice to see the Russians didn't even seem to take note - but now that I've mentioned it, I can imagine Fred Phelps will come set these people straight!).

They have vineyards in Chechnya - Chechen wine is very hearty and full-bodied (a little heavy for my taste); it goes well with bear (I had to try it, don't think I'll try it again).

Georgian Vodka ("grape" vodka) is somewhere between Vodka

"Mors" is Cranberry Juice

They have Mexicans (real ones) here. The best thing about Mexicans in Russia (I can't be the only one suprised by them being here) is that means I had really good Mexican food for dinner last night. They also had this French beer called Desperados that has Tequila in it (I tried that at a pretty good Mexican place in town). The food was great, not really sure what I thought of the beer.

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