Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday Sermonette: It's all about perspective

Something the fundagelicals prefer to ignore when trying to force everyone into their image of who/what needs to change to be of utility to G-d and not:
G-d's relationship to the wicked may be compared to that of a prince who, besides his magnificent palaces, owns all manner of little houses hidden away in the woods and in villages, and visits them occasionally to hunt or to rest. The dignity of a palace is no greater than that of such a temporary abode, for the two are not alike, and what the lesser accomplishes the greater cannot. It is the same with the righteous man. Though his value and service may be great, he cannot accomplish what the wicked man accomplishes in the hour when he prays or does something to honor G-d, and G-d who is watching the worlds of confusion rejoices in him. That is why the righteous man should not consider himself better than the wicked. [Martin Buber]
There are those who say the person who prayed today because they prayed yesterday are no better than a scoundrel. There are those who think theirs is the one true way, there are those who think G-d's able to see the forest and the trees and then sort everything out as necessary. The truth is we may never know the truth and G-d may not think sharing it with us is necessary.
A man gets to heaven and St. Peter is showing him around. The two of them began walking down a long hallway, and they came to a door. Peter opened the door and they heard all of these people singing hymns, and Peter said to the guy, "Oh, here are all the Methodists." Then they walked on a little further, and came to another door, and opened it, and saw a bunch of people dressed up and the strong smell of incense, and Peter said, "Oh, here are all the Episcopalians." They walked on, and came to another door, and opened it, and saw a bunch of people shouting and jumping up and down, and Peter said, "Oh, here are all the Pentecostals." But then they walked near another door, only this time, instead of opening it, Peter said to the guy, "Ssshhhh, we have to be quiet. Those are the Baptists in there, and they think they're the only ones up here!"

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