Saturday, May 14, 2005

I found a great deal on Oreos at Walmart

The American Family Association, those fine purveyors of Wingnut Butter, are all a tizzy these days threatening a boycott of Kraft for supporting those gay games and considering shopping somewhere other than Walmart for its decision to promote the homosexual lifestyle. With all of their attention focused on fighting the dastardly Gay Agenda, they almost missed the looming threat of cell phone porn. The AFA, along with the FRC and Morality in Media recently met with the FCC to find ways for unsuspecting consumers to block digital file transfer of pornographic materials from cell phones.
With virtually no blocking devices being presently available to consumers, this presents a frightening reality to most parents of minors. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported on Wednesday that digital porn technology already is available in South America and Europe. One company based in Denver is marketing such software to companies overseas including "pictures of naked women to hard-core porn videos ... to ring tones that would make a sailor blush." While the Colorado company does not directly make adult-oriented products, it is clearly working with elements of the porn industry to incrementally bring this material on line to American consumers.
I hate to break it to them, but this isn't a case of Jenna Jameson finding out some horny Christian kid's cell phone # and forcing porn on him. I guess we just have to accept that these folks are trying to control what's available to everyone regardless of their beliefs or tastes because they (and the Bible) can't seem to control their own. We really have to stop persecuting these poor slobs who are incapable of making the choice their religion dictates on their own.


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